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Design Biennale - Cairo, June 2014

The IAD meeting in Cairo, Egypt was held on June 12 to June 18, 2014. IAD Delegation was invited by the IAD President Dalia Sadany, and the ministry of tourism of Egypt. The Biennale included several events such as the IAD Roundtable Meeting for Design, where prominent design figures from Egypt, the IAD Delegation and abroad had come together to discuss policies on design; how to use design as a driving force to push social welfare in Egypt and in the world. The primary aim of the IAD Roundtable Meeting at Cairo was to establish relations for future collaboration possibilities, to plan a series of design events that can help promote Egypt, design in Egypt and design worldwide in order to create positive effects to society, to ignite economy as well as to boost tourism. During the roundtable meeting, in addition to discussion of design education at Egypt, we also discussed future design exhibitions and events at Middle East, such as the possibility of bringing international designers to Egypt, or to organize International Egypt Design Awards, or contests for Photography that highlight the beauty of Egypt, as well as a potential creation of a Design Council to envision a stronger education system for design or to organize design events in the region. The Roundtable also covered discussion on how and which landscape and architectural projects could be undertaken to improve the quality of life in the region. A different discussion was the possible realization of a design center or incubator in Cairo to support designers in the region and a future possibility of establishing a design museum that could benefit society and citizens. The Roundtable was concluded with a mission to build and support growth of Egypt with design, to create an awareness for design in Egypt and to support designers in the region. In addition to the Roundtable, the IAD undertook a press conference to share the results of this meeting. In the following days, the IAD delegation was introduced to prominent designers in Egypt and finally a grand gala-night was organized that aimed to bring corporations oriented towards social good, designers, and media together. The gala-night honored the pioneers of Egyptian design by recognizing their past work and contributions to the field of design. The event was a grand success as it helped designers to meet companies, and give rise to new design events. Below, you can find the catalog of the event as well as a short-video.

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